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25 ta Life / Skarhead - Split 7" . 25 Ta Life has the song Make It Work, Skarhead has Crazy Eddie. A collectors item for sure. Triple Crown Records

25 ta Life - STRENGTH THROUGH UNITY CD 97 - The latest release from, in my opinion, the world's most well known Hardcore band. Released on Triple Crown Records, this is the bands 1st release on a bigger label. 6 songs include Strength Through Unity, Loose Wit da Truth, Absence of Sincerity, Turning Point, Loyal Ta The Grave, Took My Kindness for Weakness. The songs still hold true to the 25 ta Life sound, but show a change for the band. With the absence of a 2nd guitar player, there's a lack of Beto's trademark solo's and squeal's. The recording is excelent and the music is hard as hell with lots of pit style parts and plenty of sing along parts. Vocally, Rick shows that he can be creative and Ezec Crown of Thornz makes an appearence as well. For any fan of the band, or new member to the scene, this is a CD that you must have. Rick Healey, 79 3rd Ave, 2nd Floor, Paterson NJ 07514. Phone / fax 201.278.7376

Photo's added 2/98  Castle Heights Jan

The above 5 shots were taken at the PWAC on Long Island in late 96

1) A shot of the crowd where you can see members of various bands involved
2) Harry on da drums
3) Fred on the guitar
4) Warren on the bass
5) Beto on the guitar

Rick (the singer) - 1)Closeup taken at the Pipeline in Newark NJ
Beto (ex - guitar) - 1)Closeup from the Pipeline, same night as above
Warren (bass) - 1) Rick , Warren, and Harry (drums) at the Roxy LI NY.
Fred (guitar) - Picture available when I scan the friggin thing.

demo 93 25 ta Life has been around since 93' (and slightly before) as you can see from the demo. Their sound is pure hardcore with a "metal" edge to it. If you live anywhere near NY, and you're into Hardcore, you HAVE seen 25 ta Life play at one time or another. 25 ta Life seems to play shows almost every day and it's because of them that many other smaller bands get recognition. The band defines what the hardcore scene is really about, UNITY. At each show, Rick has a huge table filled with 25 ta Life merchandise as well as tapes, demos, and CD's from other bands. Pile-on's and sing alongs are a trade mark event at all 25 ta Life shows. If you have the chance to see them, and you haven't yet, make sure you check these mutha fuckas out!

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