Hardcore band return links

The links below are bands that I feel DESERVE to be listed on this site. The links are provided so that you can either see their website or at least find out how to get in touch with them.

If you want your band listed on this site, you must meet the following: Must have been around for at least 1 year (no newby rock stars), your band's name must be on multiple HARDCORE shows posted on this site over the year. If you just started, or I never saw your shows posted with other Hardcore bands....then I suggest you hook up some shows and start getting noticed :) This scene is about support so you'd better be playing shows and supporting other HARDCORE bands.

BACKSLAP - NYHC. This band was a HUGE Hardcore website sponsor in May 2001. Check em out!!

100 Demons

 4 In The Chamber

100 Yard Stare - From Detroit added Mar 2k1

A Better Tomorrow

Agents Of Man - Linked Dec 2001

A Life Once Lost

ACT OF RITES - NYHC. Link updated Feb 2003

AGAINST THE GRAIN - The band that features former members of Agnostic front and Cause For Alarm is finally out with a demo. Check it out while you still can. Vics Review

Agnostic Front - Linked y2k

Age Of Ruin

Agnostic Front - A 1999 photo from Epitaph Records OFFICIAL WEBSITE HERE

All My Sins - Link updated Jan 2002

ALL OUT WAR - Official site HERE. See the bands site for details and contact info. A more up to date page is here Email the band

Alterkation - They have a new CD out. Hardcore/metal band from central jersey. Email the band

And Heaven Shall Burn - 6/98, a new band out of  NY/NJ with Dan One4One on bass

Arkham - with derek from cleanser/neglect. Feb = debut CD "the wrath" They will have a split 7" with cleanser in caffeine records coming out real soon,and another one on a european label. Check out a site for the band

Arson - Brand new band featuring KENNY (ex E Town Concrete) Email

Ascension - From Cleveland I think. Saw em at a show and was greatly impressed. Site has pics but nothing more.

As They Die - Formely STILL LIFE of LI

AWKWARD THOUGHT  deadcityny@yahoo.com

BACKSLAP - NYHC. This band was a HUGE Hardcore website sponsor in May 2001. Check em out!!


Beaten path - Linked Sep 2k

Become One - Email Apr 2000. LIHC (formerly Standing 8 Count)

Beyond Fall - Syracuse NY Linked added July 2k

Bezerkers - Back in y2k

Billyclub Sandwich - NYHC band. Heavy hardcore 7" out now on Nawpost Records

Blackout - Brutal NYHC band. Pics.

Blatant Disregard - they got a website so check em out. Review coming soon. Blatant Disregard will be putting out a new 7-inch on Jonas*Blank Records out of Philly. Available in early February.

Blindsight : Rest in peace (one of Vic's bands)

Blood For Blood - Brutal style hardcore

Blood Has Been Shed - Link added July 2k

Born - NY Hardcore.  A bit of old school mixed with new school makes this band very intereting.

Box Cutter - NJHC Added July 2001

Breakdown - New Link 2000. Old school hardcore band that's still going strong today. Check out the page for a detailed history of the band. Another Site

Burnside - NJHC. Evil sound, total new school. Check out their official site here

Burnt Offering - Linked Jan 2003

By Virtue Alone - Linked Apr 2k


Carved In Stone Donated CD for lottery Apr 2k

Cipher - The bands official website (updated Feb 2004) is HERE


Clenched Fist

Clubber Lang - PHATT ass hardcore band from NJ. Beatdown / brutal style. Deep dark and evil. Official site on band name

Codeseven - North Carolina hardcore

Cold As Life - Detroit Hardcore

COLD FRONT - From NYC! They currently have an 11 song CD out which is straight up NYHC. The site has all the info on the release.

Comin Correct - Rick from 25 ta Life formed this band with members from various other bands. They're still kickin in 2000. TO BOOK COMIN CORRECT CALL 1973 -278-7376 MORE SHOWS T B A ,,OR EMAIL RICK AT ,,,RICKTALIFE2000@CS.COM

Conspire To Condemn - Linked Mar 2002


Crown of Thornz - Official website, DEC 97!! They have a full lenth album on Another Planter Records called "Mentally Vexed" which features 10 songs, a 5 song EP on Equal Vision Records, and a 6 song EP on Another Planet Records. EZAC is also in SKARHEAD which features members of H2O, Maximum Penalty and Madball.

DEAD & BURIED - on spook city records. Linked Feb 2004

Dead On Impact - Queens area Apr 2k

Death Before Dishonor - Linked Sep 2001. Former members of League Of Pain and Insision

DENIED - NYHC - They got a CD out in 2000.

DENILE - PAHC. They're a very hard sounding sxe band from PA with some unusual guitar riffs and sick ass vocals. The band has it's own website with audio and more pics.

Diecast - Click here for my review.

Diesel - Photos from Voodoo Lounge Queens 98 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Die My Will - CT Hardcore with a page of their own. Reviews, shows, etc etc

Dillinger Escape Plan

Dirt Nap - NJHC. RIP

Disassociate -

Dissolve - Upstate NYHC. Apr2k Linked

District 9 - Old page created in 97. Hasnt been updated

Double Crossed. NYHC, old style. CD out March 1 1999 on DIY Records. $7ppd, along with two zines. For band info or DIY Records info email CPMnyXhc@aol.com.

Dying Breed - Troy NY. Linked Apr 2k

DYSPHORIA - Brutal PA style hardcore with heavy death metal influence. Page not updates since 98

EARTH CRISIS - From Syracuse NY. One one of the Worlds most politcally active sxe bands. They have a new CD out on Victory Records and are currently touring with VOD.

Endless - PA style Harcore. New cd out now on DA CORE records

Enrage: From Staten Island NY. New link added Jan 01

Ensign - Garden State Hardcore (NJ). Currently have a demo out.

E-TOWN CONCRETE - NJ style Hardcore. BRUTAL, HARD ,and in your face.  The band has a few demos that you "might" still be able to locate. They also have a new CD out on BACK TA BASICS 97 which is now on Ressurection AD records. Official site Jan 7th: Photos added from Mar 3 2001 show at Voodoo Lounge: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

Eyesoftheblind - NJHC 2000

Eye 2 Eye - Linked Dec 2001

Everybody Gets Hurt - One of the FEW true NYHC bands out there that play the true style hardcore. Old school with a bit of new school flare. EGH!!!!!!

Faction Zero - NJHC - Contact them at 33 Lockwood Pl, Clifton NJ 07012 or call Chris 212.777.2518 email Vics Review

Fahrenheit 451 - From Ny. They've been on many comps (New York's Hardest) did a CD or two and you can email them directly. A few show shots on the site.

FED UP - Linked Sep 2k

Fight To Survive - Linked 7 2k

FIVE MINUTE MAJOR - NYHC. Bit of new school / old school heavy style mix.

Flat earth Society - Ex-against the grain bassist Shawn and ex-Inhuman guitarist Walter.

FOUR IN THA CHAMBER - NYHC band from the Bronx. They got 2 CD's out. Check out their official site here. Band email

Fractured: NJHC band. They have a site of their own now so you can go there for the latest information. Email the band directly

Full Blown Chaos - Nyhc. Linked Feb 2001

Fury of V - RIP. One of, if not, the heaviest hardcore bands ever to hit the scene. 3 CD's total. 1 released in 2000

Godbelow - Syracuse hardcore band featuring Kris Wiechmann, formally of EARTHCRISIS and PATH OF RESISTACE Dan Johnson and Brian Azzoto from BLOOD RUNS BLACK. A new demo is out and the band is currently setting up shows. godbelow69@aol.com or 116 Seward ST. Syracuse, NY 13203

GO FUCK YOURSELF - Thugcore. Photo's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17


H2O - See the Official site of Ny's wildest bands

HATEBREED - CTHC. Jamie Hatebreed from Stillborn records heads this band. They're at the top of the list for most brutal hardcore band of all time. Donated CD's for lottery Apr 2k

Hostile Intent -  LIHC

Humanshell - NYHC (formely Slugfest) added 2k

I.D.K - NJ. Link updated June 2001

If Hope Dies - Linked Dec 2001

Ignite - 4 photos pic 1, pic 2, pic 3, pic 4

Implode - Check em out. Donated 10 CD's for lottery in 1999, 2000

INDECISION - Official website, click here 99, another website HERE. NYHC. They have an album coming out on wreckage records real soon. You can also email the band for more info or write to Indecision c/o J Brannan 9747 Shore RD, Brooklyn NY 11209 Band site on the way for them. Another site for the band

Inhuman NYHC band.

In Pieces - Linked Oct 2k

In Search Of - Linked Mar 2002

Integrity - From Ohio. They have a site made for them by a fan so check it out.

IRATE - Brutal NYHC. New cd in the works, promos at shows. OFFICIAL WEBSITE HERE

Kill Your Idols - Old school stlye Hardcore / punk mix. Check out their site.

KRUTCH - PAHC.  Email Richie another KRUTCH site Krutch C/O Karl 461 M Sterling Rd. Tobyhanna, Pa. 18466. Call Krutch labs at (77) UZI-8422

League Of Pain - MAHC. Brutal / beatdown style. Excellent sound.  email

Locked In a Vacancy

Lockjaw - buffalo hc

Loss 4 Words - Aww Yeah. Yet another phatt ass band from NY. Lots of different style's but overall very thick and heavy for the pit.

Madball: Nothing needs to be said about NY's biggest Hardcore band. Pics 1, 2, 3, 4

MAD CIRCLE - LIHC band email - madcircle4172@hotmail.com

Maximum Penalty: NYHC RIP

Mearth - They have a brand new 12 song CD out on Maggadee records. See site for more info

Mindset - from Queens NY. Due to name conflicts, the band is now known as SWORN ENEMY

Minus 2 Degrees - From New York. Along the lighter side of hardcore, very memorable.

Misura - Virginia Metal Core. Linked Apr 2k

Money Grip - NJ style Hardcore. Impressive demo out and a CD on the way. ZoneETAC@aol.com

Most Precious Blood - Justin, Rachael, + Tom from Indecision's new band July 2k

MOTIVE - LIHC. For shows, demos and info: The singer has left the band, bassist is now the singer and a new bass player was added. 3 Stacey Ct, Shirley NY 11967

Muddlehead - NYHC. RIP

Murder In The First - Linked Jan 2002

Murphy's Law - Shit, if you don't know who they are..........I made a page with a few shows pics so you can check it out. They currently have a new album out. Check out another better site. Updated 3/01

MushMouth - PAHC. The band currently has a new 97 demo available as well as an older 96 demo. Info for the band is on their page.

Neck - Nyhc. e-mail neck4@aol.com. Click here for another site devoted to the band.

Next Step Up -  email the band

Next To Last - NYHC Linked Jul 2k

97a - From Jersey. They have their own webpage so check em out.


NJ BLOODLINE - Demo 98 on the site. Official site CLICK HERE

No Last Chance - CTHC

No Retreat - PAHC. Linked Apr 2k

Not By Choice - Long Island Hardcore band. Rap / hardcore street style.

Nothing Lost - Linked July 2k

NRSV (No Redeeming Social Value) - Old School baby. New link added Jan 01

151 - NYHC. Page in the works. They will be on a new comp called 718 and has a 5 song demo coming out in April. You can contact the band through email Click for photo page

One Life Crew

One 4 One NJHc. RIP.

One King Down - They will have a cd/cass/ep out in DEC on Equal Vision Records. Click the name for email and more info.

One Life Crew - Splt 7" with refuse 2 fall on ON THE RISE records.

One Second Thought - Brutal style Hardcore from NY. They are on the New Found Hope comp. They also have a new 7" out now 97 on FSR records. For band contact: write to: c/o Shawn, 2204 Pheasant Hollow Drive, Plainsboro, NJ 08536. Try emailing the band. Donated CD for lottery Apr 2k

On The Rise New link Sep 2001

Outrage: Long Island Hardcore. The new demo called "Insight" is complete and is currently available. You can contact them through this email address and the message will be printed and passed directly to them. Just mention that you are asking about OUTRAGE somewhere in the email itself. 4 Southfield Rd, Middle Island, NY 11953

Overthrow - Hardcore from Long Island. ONE4ONE/OVERTHROW SPLIT 7' OUT MID DEC..Click band name for their website.

Pacifier - New page in the works with MP3's (sound)

Punch The Klown - email. Phatt band from MA. 2 vocals, sick as hell. A Favorite of mine. They got an insane ass sound and when I have 2 seconds of free time, I'll add them. Site added Dec 99

Push - Linked Jan 2002

Proof Of Purchase - From da Bronx!!! NYHC. Female singer, heavy, brutal..

Profound Anger - CTHC. Got their own site. 99

Profound Effect - NY. They currently have a new CD out and are also on a split 7" with Killing Time. All info for the band is on their page.

Quibron - Linked Oct 2k

Raise Up - VAHC

Redline - NJHC

Reasonable Force - MAHC. They have their own website with sound files. They have a new tape out, 4 songs, and that we are lookin for shows.

Rejuvenate - From NY (RIP). Old school style Hardcore with a history of band members. See the site for details as well as the FSR distro.

Relentless - NYHC mutha fuckas. RIP Brutal origianl style hardcore from Long Island.

Restitution - Bergen Hardcore

Restrain - NYHC. RIP

Rights Reserved - BDC. Nyhc band with some old school / new school mix email.

Rise Above - NJHC


SECOND TO NONE - From Jersey. Currently have a split 7" with E Town Concrete on Back ta Basics Records and a 97 demo out. See the page for details.

Self Decay - from upstate NY. Got their own site. VERY good band. Heavy, thick, strong, total newschool.

SETBACK - From NY. A hardcore band that's been around for a while now. They have a demo out but my info on them is limited.

Set Ablaze - Linked Jan 2002

Seventh Rail Crew

Shai Hulud - Florida style Hardcore. Amazing band. Sxe style vocals (although they dont claim to be sxe as a whole) Vics Review

Shattered Realm - NJHC linked Jan2k1

Shut Down - site, another site, OFFICIAL SITE

Six Of Fire - Linked Apr 2001


SLUDGE! - NJHC. Updated link Apr 2k. sludge98@bellatlantic.net

Snapcase - from Buffalo NY. All usefull information on this sxe band is on Victory Records' website. A newer site just created

Social Disorder - Back with the 1988 lineup for 1998. A bit of oldschool punk for ya.

Son Of Skam

Soul Sick - From NY. They currently have a HIGHLY professional 5 song demo out now and a website so check em out for yourself.

Southpaw - Formerly Dead end. They have a new 96 demo out which is TOP quality and is phatt as hell. A very impressive band. You contact them through email for now. You can get the demo through them, NONE OF THE ABOVE RECORDS (CENTEREACH,STRONG ISLANDNY-516.737-9359) OR RICK HEALY(25 TA LIFE) another site,  Official site here


Standing 8 Count - Site is outdated. LIHC email the band

Standfast - Rochester ny

Step Ahead - PAHC Got a new CD out (98)

Strength For a Reason - 570 Area PAHC. Linked Apr 2000

Stillborn - got their own site 98/99

Stillguard - North Virginia

Strength For A Reason - New link Apr 2001

Stretch Armstrong - South carolina

STRONGARM - Florida style Christian Hardcore. Truely an amazing band! RIP

Strong Intention - MDHC with a page of their own. Havent heard em yet.

Strife - Not much I can say for this band that Victory hasnt already done so check out the bands page on the website.

SUB DK - LIHC Rumored to still be going in 2000

Sworn Enemy - NYHC. Formerly Mindset NY. Website. Donated CD's for lottery Apr 2k Jan 7th: Photos added from Mar 3 2001 show at Voodoo Lounge: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

Tears Of Frustration - New 7" coming out soon

Tension: LIHC. Brutal style

Ten Times Worse - LIHC added May 2003

Ten Yard Fight - Hardcore band from Boston. Link updated Apr 2000

TERROR ZONE - Features former member of BULLDOZE. They have a 7" out now. And a CD on Gain Ground.

Through The Discipline - Linked Mar 2002

Throw Down: RIP

TIMES EXPIRED - Rhode Island. Band reformed in Mar 2k1

Train Of Thought: NJHC RIP

Turmoil - Crazy band, great sound. Pic1 |  Pic 2

Twelve Step Program - LIHC

Two Man Advantage - Linked Apr y2k

25 ta Life:  If you dont know these guys, you're in trouble. Site is outdated Label donated CD's for lottery Apr 2k

Uncle Al - NY oldschoo. Linked Y2K

Unsilent Reign - Florida. Added Jan 2k1

Unsound - Jersey style hardcore. Pretty good overall. Click here for their website

Untold Truth - Linked Mar 2002

Uprise: Old school sxe NJHC band. Click name for their website

V.O.D.: Vision of Disorder. Long Island

Voice of Reason from CT - check out their site. Havenbt heard yet myself. Can email them at  ps83reason@mindless.com

Vision - NJ band with their own site

Wake Up Cold - (ex next step up), added y2k

WARZONE - RIP. Remember Ray. Dont forget your roots. Check out a tribute page to Ray.


WITH ONE INTENT - BRUTAL style hardcore that is a personal favorite of mine. They have a split 7" on Back ta Basics with Boston's REACH THE SKY (ex - Reason Enough) as well as our debut EP on Released Power Productions outta Belgium - band email Listen to their new material feb 2k1

Without Reason - added Dec 2k

WORLD STRANGER - Long Island Hardore band. The singer is formerly from Bzerker and they've been around on Long Island for a few years. A demo is currently available.